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electric companies in texas

In 2002, the state of Texas deregulated its electricity market, allowing most residents to choose their electric provider. This gives them the ability to shop for an energy plan that fits their needs and lifestyle.

In regulated states, utility companies deliver power directly to customers’ homes. In deregulated areas, the electricity is delivered by Retail Electric Providers (REPs).

Direct Energy

Direct Energy is an electric company headquartered in Houston, Texas. Its service areas reach a large portion of the state, including cities such as Dallas and Plano.

Like other retail energy providers, Direct Energy offers a variety of plans for its residential customers. The plan you choose should depend on your usage and what works best for you.

The easiest way to find the right energy plan for your home or business is to compare electricity rates in your area. Using the free Choose Energy comparison tool, you can enter your ZIP code and compare the available options in your area.

You’ll also want to consider whether you need a fixed-rate or a flexible plan. A fixed-rate plan is more suited to homeowners who want to lock in an affordable rate for the long term, while a flexible plan is a good choice for those who want to be able to switch energy providers if necessary.

TriEagle Energy

TriEagle Energy is a Texas-based retail electricity provider. It offers straightforward fixed-rate plans that are sourced with renewable energy and have a focus on smart energy.

The company also has a focus on saving customers money on their electricity bills with its PrimeTime program, which allows users to earn credits. This helps customers save on their monthly bill when wholesale power prices are high.

The company also offers a green energy plan that sources 100% of its electricity from renewable resources, as well as a SMART energy plan that bundles a smart Wi-Fi thermostat with home optimization tools. Customers who sign up for a SMART energy plan can receive free weekly usage reports that help them understand how their electricity use is going, as well as daily and hourly analysis to see when they’re using the most power.

Reliant Energy

One of the largest electric companies in Texas, Reliant Energy offers a wide variety of plans for both homeowners and renters. They also have a commercial plan that can meet the needs of any business.

Reliant also offers a range of other services, including home security systems and AC/heat protection. These services are available in most parts of the state and can be accessed through a mobile app or online portal.

The company is headquartered in Houston and is owned by NRG, a Fortune 500 power generation company that operates several other subsidiaries throughout the country.

Reliant Energy is a top-rated electricity provider with an extensive plan selection and competitive rates. Its customer service is also a big draw for many customers.

Tomorrow Energy

Tomorrow Energy, previously known as Sperian Energy, supplies residential and commercial customers in Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, Maryland, and Texas with electricity and natural gas. Its aim is to provide clean energy choices while offering competitive rates in deregulated markets.

The company offers both fixed and variable rate plans, depending on your location and climate zone. The fixed rate product guarantees a fixed price per kWh for the length of your contract.

However, the rates can change daily and thus, you should shop around before getting locked into a long-term plan.

Tomorrow Energy also has a 100% renewable plan that uses Renewable Energy Credits from wind power producers across the country to offset your energy usage. Their leading electricity product “EarthCare 16” has a recurring plant-a-tree feature that plants one tree every three months from your sign-up day, giving you a tangible way to contribute to sustainability in the world.

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