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Types of Solar Panel Mounting Poles




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If you’re in the market for a new solar panel mounting pole, there are a few things that you should know. Different mounting bars are available on the market, including Side-of-pole mounts, Tamarack, SunWize, and RPS. Choosing the right one for your installation will depend on several factors. The first consideration is your location. If the panel is exposed to weather and sunlight, you may want to mount it in an inconspicuous place.

Side-Of-Pole Mounts

Side-of-pole solar panel mounts provide a professional and straightforward solution to mounting single or multiple solar panels on a vertical pole. Side-of-pole mounts have different sizes and support options to suit various installation needs. You can find one for your specific installation needs by visiting SolarTown or reading reviews on In most cases, Side-of-pole mounts are compatible with all standard two-inch poles.

One of the most popular and versatile Side-of-Pelmetal mounting systems is the SOPM-2.5-13. This mount is 2.5 square feet in size and 13 inches wide. It is available in a universal set of four, which can be easily trimmed to fit the dimensions of your solar panel. Besides offering the highest level of security, these mounts are also designed to keep your solar equipment safe from vandals and theft. Although Side-of-Pelmetal solar panel mounts do not come with poles, you can purchase them separately. Typically, they are made from scheduled 40 pipes two to six inches in diameter. Although they are heavy, they are not difficult to find locally.


If you have limited space for mounting your solar panels, the Top of Pole Mounts from Tamarack Solar are a perfect choice. These mounts fit four and six-foot poles and support most 12 and 24-volt modules. They are made of corrosion-resistant 5052-H32 aluminum and powder-coated steel. If you have questions about the size of your pole, try using the Tamarack Solar/IronRidge Pole Mount Configurator. You can also find the perfect mounting pole for your project by using the Tamarack Solar/IronRidge Solar Top of Pole mounts.

This mount allows you to adjust the angle of tilt for solar panels. The top-of-pole mount is ideal for small modules and is adjustable up to 60 degrees. The side-of-pole mounts are designed for poles with a diameter of 2.25″ to 4.5″. These mounts are available for single and multiple-module arrays.


A solar panel mounting pole provides a stable base for your PV array, especially in high-wind areas. SunWize solar panel mounting poles are sturdy and adjustable, allowing you to angle your PV modules to the best angle for seasonal solar radiation.

These poles are heavy gauge aluminum and stainless steel fasteners for added durability and protection. The mounting pole can accommodate up to four small-format modules, each with a rated capacity of forty to two hundred watts.

The mounting pole is made from aircraft-grade structural members that are durable and rust-resistant. Its stainless steel type fasteners allow for easy installation. The poles are designed to withstand wind loads of 110 mph. They are also compatible with most solar panel frames. While aluminum is a sturdy material, it is not easily welded, so you may need to purchase a pole mounting system with more advanced capabilities.


The RPS solar panel mounting pole comes in several styles and features. The top-of-pole mount is adjustable from 15 to 65 degrees in ten-degree increments. The pole mount solar rack is available from Idaho-based General Specialties and Preformed Line Products, which used to be DPW/Powerfab. Ameresco Solar also makes it. The RPS solar panel mounting pole is adjustable for up to eight panels.

The RPS 400 system does not come with a solar panel mounting pole. The installation process is straightforward if you opt for the Top of Pole mount. Alternatively, you can choose the RPS Turnkey Kit, which has everything you need for a DIY experience. The RPS MPPT Pump Controller is an essential part of the RPS solar panel mounting pole, as it helps the solar panels to harvest the maximum amount of sunlight.

Aditya Enterprises

An Aditya Enterprises solar panel mounting pole has many advantages over other brands. Not only is it durable and well-built, but it also comes with approval from the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy and the Solar Energy Center. Many respected agencies also choose Aditya Solar products. Aditya Solar is a leading manufacturer of solar panel mounting poles, solar lighting, and signaling systems. Its solar panels are certified by independent third-party testing labs to meet strict quality standards.

Types of Solar Panel Mounting Poles


Solar panel mounting poles come in various shapes and sizes, but all serve the same purpose: to provide a stable base for your PV array. There are several solar panel mounts, but the top-of-pole mount is the most popular. This mount is adjustable for seasonal solar radiation and can be tilted up to 60 degrees. SunWize solar panel mounting poles are sturdy and rust-resistant, making them ideal for high-wind areas. Aditya Enterprises is a leading manufacturer of solar panel mounts, with products that meet strict quality standards.

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