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Wind turbine ornaments are three dimensional decorations for exterior spaces that rotate when exposed to wind, creating an ever changing visual display.

This invention consists of four turbine arms or a combination of two, three, or more turbine arms. Each turbine arm is cut from one sheet of construction material into an elongated C shape.

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Decorative Ornaments

Three dimensional ornaments have become an increasingly popular way to add visual interest and motion to outdoor spaces. Examples of such devices include weather vanes with various design elements, reflective globes, and hanging wind turbine ornaments.

Many of these devices can be over the top and of questionable quality, lacking that distinctive three-dimensional ornament look that comes from well designed and engineered work. Thankfully, the present invention solves these issues in an elegant yet user friendly manner.

To maximize its wow factor, this three dimensional ornament is composed of four external body elements that create an outer shell. To improve its performance and reliability, the present inventor sought out suitable materials and construction methods from a wide selection available.

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Despite its shortcomings, this three-dimensional trike managed to stand out in a highly competitive field. This is primarily due to the material used which catches and reflects light efficiently. To have such an engineering feat presented in such an aesthetically pleasing form is truly remarkable.

Weather Vanes

Weather vanes are devices designed to indicate the direction of wind flow. They often sit atop buildings and help people predict weather patterns. By placing them high up, they avoid disturbance from other factors like cars passing by or aircraft taking off or landing.

Weather vanes come in a range of shapes and sizes. Usually made out of iron, bronze or zinc, they can be decorated with different symbols as well as animals like horses or roosters.

Common designs feature cockerels or arrows with letters indicating the points of the compass. These symbols are easily read and help people determine wind direction.

These may also feature directionals to indicate north, south, east or west. Usually attached to a fixed rod that rotates around its axis.

For a weather vane to accurately reflect the direction of wind, it must have an equal weight on both sides of its axis of rotation. To do this, place small end points at either ends that point towards the breeze and larger ones that point in the opposite direction.

Early weather vanes were often ornamental, but modern versions are linked to a reading station that displays the direction of the wind. One notable example is in London’s Royal Navy Admiralty building where one vane on the roof is mechanically connected to a large dial on the boardroom wall so senior officers can always keep an eye on things.

Many still rely on weather vanes to predict the wind, although satellites and other technology make this much simpler. Farmers used these devices in the past to help them prepare for colder air in the north or warmer temperatures in the south.

Reflective Globes

Modern gazing globes often consist of materials that reflect and capture sunlight. The best ones are designed to remain glossy and resilient even over time; some made from glass while others from aluminum. Recently, some models feature a combination of both materials – aluminum and stainless steel – which can be polished to an impressive shine and resistant to corrosion for outdoor use.

Local garden stores typically carry the best and most affordable spheres in a range of sizes and designs. Usually displayed on stands or trees, these ornaments often come with small but informative placards describing their origin and history. Not only do these add some flair to any yard or garden environment, but they provide you with an exciting thrill as well!

They’re great fun to look at and a prime example of what can be accomplished with creativity and clever construction. In fact, anyone can easily assemble one from scratch; it may take some trial-and-error to see how well it works, but the results will be worth all the effort.

Hanging Three Dimensional Ornaments

Three dimensional ornaments come in a range of styles and materials to personalize outdoor spaces and add visual interest. Some can be hung from hooks or other anchors, while others are free-spinning designs meant to sway with the wind.

Some of these hanging decorations are constructed from lightweight sheets of flexible material cut into various shapes. Popular choices are those shaped like wind turbines or other devices that generate electricity; not only do these enhance the aesthetics of an outdoor space, but they can also make wind velocity more visible.

These ornaments are typically constructed from colored Mylar or another lightweight and light-reflective sheet material. Since the entire device can be die cut from one single sheet of material, production of these ornaments is both cost effective and straightforward.

Furthermore, hanging party decorations are easy to ship and store due to their small footprint. They take up minimal shelf space and can easily be stacked atop one another without taking up too much room.

One of the most captivating characteristics of hanging decorations is their ability to rotate in the wind when caught by even slight air currents. This makes them perfect for adding an extra touch to any party or event by brightening up its visual appeal.

Furthermore, these decorations can rotate in the wind without using any mechanical parts – an advantage for those who don’t want to invest in a large and costly wind turbine.

The hanging decoration’s main body portion consists of a sheet cut out into various shapes, such as hearts. These hearts are arranged so that they form a window cutout 13 for accommodating a smaller, solid heart 16.

When suspended, an ornament transforms from a flat sheet of flexible material (for efficient shipping and storage) into an eye-catching and air-current party decoration that replicates spent or thrown serpentine or party streamers. This visual image remains for the duration of the party and may be adorned with various decorative ornaments hanging downwardly from points along its connecting portions 20 and spiraling portions 40.

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