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Who to Call For Energy Efficiency in House




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If you are looking to make your home more energy efficient, there are several professionals you can call to help. Contractors and HVAC technicians can provide valuable advice on how best to reduce energy costs and improve efficiency.

An electrician is a great resource for anyone looking to install or upgrade their lighting or appliances, as they can assess the wiring and electrical infrastructure of a home. An electrician will also be able to advise homeowners on how to reduce energy usage in their homes through various techniques like installing dimmers and motion sensors, replacing incandescent bulbs with LED ones, or exchanging outdated appliaces for Energy Star rated models.

Another important professional is an insulation contractor who can insulate walls and attics, as well as identify air leaks around windows and doors that allow conditioned air to escape from the home. Insulation will not only keep temperatures consistent throughout the house but also reduce heating and cooling bills by preventing heat transfer between rooms in the house.

Finally, if you want to take advantage of natural renewable sources of energy like solar power, you’ll need an experienced renewable energy system installer to set up your system properly. They can advise homeowners on which type of system would work best in their area, as well as providing information on available incentives offered by governments or utilities companies.

By seeking out advice from the right professionals when making decisions about ways to increase energy efficiency in your home, you’ll be able to save money while reducing your environmental impact!

who to call for energy efficiency in house

If you’re looking for energy efficiency tips, there are many resources available to you. You can find energy efficiency advice from PG&E to NYSERDA that will help you make your home more energy efficient. These resources are often available for free and can make a big difference in your utility bills.

To improve the energy efficiency of your home, you can call:

  1. A certified energy auditor who can assess your home’s energy use and provide recommendations for improvement.
  2. A heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) contractor to upgrade your HVAC system.
  3. An insulation contractor to improve the insulation in your home.
  4. A window and door contractor to upgrade to more energy-efficient windows and doors.
  5. An electrician to upgrade lighting and appliances to energy-efficient models.


PG&E offers many energy efficiency programs that can help you reduce your energy consumption and lower your monthly bills. These programs are designed to meet the needs of different customers and their homes. These programs are available to homeowners, renters, mobile homes, and manufactured homes. You may be eligible for more than one program, and they can all be used in combination.

One of the best ways to cut down on energy bills is by switching to LED lightbulbs. These bulbs use far less energy than traditional bulbs and last longer. In addition, using task lighting instead of overhead lights can help you save energy. Smart thermostats are also available and can be programmed to run on a schedule. These devices can be rebated by some companies up to $120. When choosing a thermostat, it’s recommended to set it to around 68 degrees in the winter and 78 degrees in the summer.

One of PG&E’s innovative energy efficiency programs is the Home Energy Report. This tool helps customers understand how their homes are affecting their energy use and create a personalized plan to meet those goals. It provides customers with tips on how to improve their energy efficiency and compares their home with those of similar homes. Using the Home Energy Report has helped PG&E customers save more than $32 million per year on their energy bills.

PG&E also offers the Energy Efficiency Loan Program. All eligible customers can apply for this loan program until the program funds run out. Customers may apply for this program if they are able to make a significant energy savings. These loans can be used for a variety of energy efficiency projects. They may also save money for homeowners who invest in new appliances. Although they may not be able afford the equipment at first, the energy savings will pay off in the long-term.

SmartMeter technology is a key foundation of PG&E’s SmartGrid effort. Through this technology, utilities will have more control over energy usage and can integrate renewable energy such as solar and wind energy more easily into their power grid. PG&E also supports local governments in taking action against climate change by providing training and resources. The company also has a team of dedicated community energy managers who can help citizens and communities reduce their energy consumption.


Contact a contractor who is part of the NYSERDA energy efficiency in house program if you are interested in energy efficiency upgrades to your home. These contractors are insured and backed by quality assurance inspections by NYSERDA. You can search for participating contractors online by zip code or by name.

Energy efficiency upgrades can reduce energy bills and make your house more comfortable. They are also better for the environment. Getting an energy audit is a good way to learn where you are wasting energy and how you can fix it. An energy audit can also help you identify any issues with your system and appliances so that you can make repairs or upgrades. It will help you save time and money. Energy-efficient homes will be more comfortable throughout the year and will lower your total cost of ownership.

Upgrading lighting and appliances is another great way to save energy. NYSERDA offers financial incentives to those who are eligible for them. It also provides information about energy-efficient products. It also partners with experienced contractors to assist residents in making these improvements. NYSERDA can help you get the best deal for energy-efficient home improvement with the help of a certified contractor.

Regardless of your income level or home size, you can benefit from NYSERDA’s free home energy assessments. They offer programs that will help you reduce your energy bills and improve your home’s comfort. NYSERDA also offers low-interest loans for people with lower incomes or other non-traditional borrowers.

The EmPower New YorkSM Program can be a great way for you to upgrade your home. The program offers no-cost home upgrades that include insulation, energy-efficient appliances, and lighting. The program will also assess the overall energy efficiency of your home and identify any areas that need improvement. Contractors who are interested in energy-efficient upgrades will also be offered technical support.

NYSERDA also invests to develop the clean energy talent pool. The program assists New Yorkers in improving their energy efficiency, saving money, and using renewable energy sources while decreasing their dependence on fossil fuels. The program provides incentives and training to new energy entrepreneurs, and supports a clean energy ecosystem.

The program has a long history of partnering with training and education systems. Creating an adaptable, skilled workforce is crucial for the economy. To ensure that these professionals are ready for the changing industry, the organization has invested $108 million in training initiatives. Many of these initiatives will be targeted at the existing workforce, while others will identify the skills required for future jobs.

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